Monday, June 7, 2010

Just an Average Contact

Dearest Family,

What's up? I'm happy to be able to write you all today! We're going to the FORTALEZA today to play futbol - I mean soccer and to eat food and stuff. Hmmm…. This has been a good week. The Sifuentes family went to church but still don't all have baptism dates. We found a guy named Sobino Montes on Saturday just an average contact, but he asked if he could get baptized the same day!!! We told him he had to go to church first haha. My companion and I live right next to the church. We were busy visiting some investigators before 9:00 to help them get to church and it surprised us when we got there just on time and Sobino was waiting outside the doors of the church.

Last night we were contacting and found two young men, Carliño and his cousin Jose. I told Carliño that I'd never heard his name before and he told me it was Portugese….hmmm, I wonder if Elder Briggs knows any Carliño's. They both committed to baptism and Carliño's dad walked in as we were finishing so we have his baptism permission slip signed and everything but another appt. to teach the dad and the whole family too. They have family that are members in another branch here in Barranca which is cool because they knew a tiny bit about the church already. Carliño honestly was so prepared I couldn't believe it. He's been baptized in a Evangelical church and everything but he soaked in the restoration and told his dad, “please sign my permission form.” The funny part was that in his house there was a ton of chili pepper in the air from their farm. Everybody was coughing the whole time and my companion couldn't finish talking so I had to finish talking for him. He was like: Prophets are called of our Heavenly Father in every….caaaaaaa….every dispencccccccaaaaa............. the lesson was great.

Actually we've known a ton of Peruvians with weird names lately…. Sobino, Carliño, Valentina Valetin, Frenesis, etc..

Yesterday I gave my testimony in sacrament meeting…. And it was sad because I realized it was the last time I'd do that in my mission. I'm talking about sacrament meeting. Honestly we're having too many experiences I`m just not ready to give up. From here on out all this month we're doing missionary nights all Thursday s to help the members invite friends and family to get to know the church so I'll let you know how that goes.

So I'm out of time, have a GREAT DAY!

Elder Layton

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