Monday, June 14, 2010

Something They Had Been Looking For

Dear Family and Friends

I'd just like to start out by saying that if you're reading this just know that I`m writing this to you, since it'd be kind of frustrating to write everyone….just know I haven't completely forgotten about you…, but honestly let's hang out when I get back! Right now I'm still a missionary. I've been having a ton of experiences lately, and I don't really know where to start.

(At left: The Barranca Zone at Fortaleza...Elder Layton crouching in the lower middle with Elder Ortiz, his companion, directly behind him)

There are 5 assistants APs right now because the mission's dividing. 3 of them came to visit us on Thursday. I went with one of them, my companion with another, and another went with our district leader.

We baptized Sabino Montes on Saturday and he was confirmed yesterday. We taught him in an extremely short time period because he was so eager to be baptized…I've never really had an investigator exactly like him. We visited him every day last week and he was just anxious for it to be Saturday. He read everything we gave him and he didn't want to wait for the 2nd assistance (attendance) at church. Who am I to tell a fully grown adult no to such a desire? Or who am I to deny the blessing of the eternal gospel to someone so prepared to be clean of sin? The greatest thing is that yesterday we officially have a mission leader and an assistant mission leader. The assistant Gerson (son of Lupe and Walter) is friends with Sabino. He also has some other friends in the church.

We found a gold family this week, mom, dad, and two daughters. They've been going to different churches, God is Love, Evangelical, Adventist, looking for a church where the pastor doesn't yell. They were surprised to hear our description of the feelings of the spirit when we read Galatas 5:22-23. It was something they had been looking for. They didn't go to church because of a commitment already planned out before we knew them but I'm sure this week they'll go!

Here in Peru the Soccer World Cup is huge. I don't know how many little flyers I have of the world cup phases, who's playing who….and everyone just yelled right now as I'm writing this that Japan just won their game. Yesterday all the people were telling me that my country tied England. Hmm…. You better be watching it back at home I'm pretty sure we're going to make it to the finals!!

Please pray for all the investigators. Elder Ortiz and I will be visiting them constantly this week. Valentina (the niece of Walter and Lupe) is preparing for her baptism this Saturday! Also we set a baptism date with Mabel Oviedo the sister of Gerson (daughter of Walter and Lupe) which is a MIRACLE!!! She had a baptism date with the evangelic church she`s been going to for June 21st, but she's been going to the church of Jesus Christ with her family and we set a baptism date for the 19th!!

I'm sorry I can't right more……I always don't have enough time to write.

Adios Amigos!!!!

Elder Layton

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